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1. Account Management

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I have forgotten my login or password. How can I retrieve it?
You can sign in from the mobifriends home page. If your login is not correct, you will be redirected to the page Enter mobifriends where you will find Forgot your password? From here you can ask us to send you your password. Fill in the requested data and we will send an e-mail to the address that you provided in your user profile.
I have tried to enter using my old login and password, but they no longer work. What can I do?
Verifica que los datos que has introducido son correctos. Si estás seguro de que lo son, puedes usar la función <¿Olvidaste tu contraseña?>. Forgot your password?
How do I update my personal information?
Just access My profile, and edit the appropriate fields of the section Details.
How do I change my e-mail address?
Just access My profile, and under the Details and edit the corresponding field.
How do I block another user from sending me messages?
Just select "add to" in the user profile in question and select "Blocked list".
In order to check that it has been added correctly, go to My Lists > Blocked list.
How can I disable my profile temporarily?
You just need to go to disable profile and fill in the form.
How can I reactivate my disabled profile?
You just need to go to activate profile and fill in the form.
How can I delete my profile?
You just need to go to delete profile and fill in the form. Remember that once you confirm the deletion, all your data will be erased from mobifriends and cannot be restored. If you want to enter the mobifriends site in the future, you will need to create a new profile.
How do I deactivate my mobifriends account?
You can do this by deleting your profile. Please see "How can I delete my profile?"
Can I send messages to other users if I have deactivated my account?
No, in order to contact other users and send them messages, you need an active mobifriends profile.
If I deactivate my account, can I receive and respond to messages?
If you disable your profile temporarily, you won't receive any messages until you reactivate it. When you erase your mobifriends profile completely, you will not receive any more messages and you will lose the ones you have received.
If I deactivate my account, will my profile appear when other users search for people like me?
If you disable your profile temporarily, your profile will not be visible until you reactivate it. If you delete it completely, your profile will be permanently erased from mobifriends.

2. Sign up to Mobifriends

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How do I update my registration information?
You can update your details in My profile, by editing the appropriate field in the section. Details.

3. My Mobifriends Profile

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What is "My Profile" on Mobifriends for?
"My Profile" contains all the information you gave us about yourself and which is necessary to interact with other mobifriends members. Remember that the more reliable and accurate this information is, the better the results will be.
What do the basic details consist of?
This is the basic information we need from you during the registration process. The rest is optional and can be added at a later date.
How do I update my profile?
To make it easier for you to browse the different sections on mobifriends, we have organised them using tabs. By clicking the "My Profile" tab you can view and edit your details.
What kind of content is not allowed in my profile?
The following type of content is not allowed:
  • Offensive language of any kind, such as vulgar expressions, racism, illegal activity, etc.
  • Any direct contact information, such as e-mail addresses, URL addresses, ICQ/instant messenger IDs, telephone numbers, full names and postal addresses, etc.
  • Unauthorised use of material subject to copyright or registered trade mark.
  • Adverts or requests of a commercial or political nature.
  • Material that exploits or discloses personal information about people below the age of 18.
  • This type of content will be detected and reported to the authorities and may lead to the deletion of your profile.
For more information please see the Terms of Use.
Do I have to fill in all sections of "My Profile" in order to find someone?
It is not essential, but bear in mind that the more details you provide, the more likely it is that the results you obtain will match your preferences.
Why do I not receive many replies?
It may be that your profile is not interesting enough for other members or it might be incomplete. Make sure you have filled in as much information as possible. Another important point is to include as many photos of yourself as you can.
How do I create my profile free of charge?
Just register on Mobifriends and start enjoying the opportunities it gives you.
Can I hide my profile from others?
Your profile is public and can be viewed by all Mobifriends members. You can block a particular user from seeing your profile or from sending you a message by adding them to your "Blocked list". To do this, simply select "add to..." in the user profile in question and select "Blocked list".
In order to check that it has been added correctly, go to "My Lists", "Blocked list".

4. Highlight my profile - my fotos

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How can I highlight my profile?
Bear in mind that complete profiles are much more attractive than those containing less information. That's why you should provide as much information about yourself as possible. Photos are important if you want your profile to be more attractive, the more the better! Make note of what draws your attention to other profiles and incorporate these elements into your own profile. Finally, in the "My description" section, you have the chance to express yourself using your own words.
Why should I add my photo?
Studies show that profiles with photos are up to 15 times more attractive than those without.
How do I add a photo?
You can do so during registration or by accessing My Profile > My photos.
How many photos can I add?
You can add up to 10 photos to your profile.
Does the photo have to be of myself?
It is important that it is a photo of yourself as it makes your profile more appealing. You can add any photo you wish, provided that it does not infringe the terms of use, or the law.

5. Who has seen my profile?

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How can I find out who has visited my profile?
It is very easy. You can look at the record we keep for this purpose by clicking on "My Lists" and selecting "Their visits".
Can others see when I viewed their profile?
Yes, in the same way that you can see the users who have visited you.

6. Search

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What are the benefits of the mobifriends search facility?
Mobifriends not only evaluates your preferences but also those of your potential "contacts". That way we make sure that the results we offer match your criteria and that those people are also looking for people like you, making the chances of success much higher than a conventional system.
What is a "quick search"?
It is an option you have in the "Search" section. With a "Quick search" you specify a few minimum requirements and the results are shown according to their compatibility with your profile.
Why do I only get a few results from my search?
Maybe your search criteria are very restrictive. Try to extend them and see whether you get more results.
How do I search for users who are currently logged on?
Just select the "online" option when performing a search.
How can I order the results of my search?
All lists give you various options for ordering the results obtained.
Why do I get results that do not exactly match the specified search parameters?
Our aim is to give you results that match your parameters as closely as possible. It is rare for someone to meet those criteria 100%, unless you have very broad search criteria. Any adjustment in relation to your parameters is reflected in the compatibility rating specified for every result.

7. Contacting other users

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How do I contact other mobifriends users?
You have 3 ways of interacting with other mobifriends users: e-mail or messages, mobis (predefined short messages) and video messenger.
I want to send a message to someone. What do I have to do?
You can do so from the respective user profile using the "message" button, or from your messaging centre, in the "My communications" tab, selecting the section Messages .
Where are the messages I receive from other users stored?
You can check the messages you receive in your inbox, via the "My Communications" tab, selecting the section Messages .
How do I prevent a user from sending me messages?
Just add him/her to your "Blocked list".
For how long can I view the messages that I have sent or received using mobifriends?
Your messages (sent and received) will be stored for 6 months.
Can I save/organise my e-mail messages?
The mobifriends messaging centre allows you to create new folders in which to store and organise the messages you have received.
Can I contact a user who I added to my "Blocked list"?
Yes, but you won't receive any response until you have removed them from this list.
I blocked a user but now I want to receive messages from him. How do I unblock him?
Access your "Blocked list", select the user in question and press "Remove from list".

8. Sending a mobi

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What is a Mobi?
A Mobi is a predefined short message in which you simply state who you are sending the message to and what kind of mobi you are sending (a kiss, a hug, etc.). It is a nice way of establishing contact with someone you don't know or to communicate with someone you already know.
How do I send a mobi to another user?
By clicking on the "Mobi" button in the user profile in question or by accessing the "Mobis" section via the "My Communications" tab.
What happens if I'm not interested in getting to know other users who send me Mobis?
Nothing, just tell him/her and ignore his/her messages. You can also add them to your "Blocked list".
Is the number of mobis I can send/receive limited?
No, but remember to respect others. If you send a lot of messages to someone, they may feel awkward or uncomfortable.
How long are mobis stored for?
The mobis you send and receive are stored for a period of up to 6 months.

9. Messages from Mobifriends

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What do e-mail notifications consist of?
There are two different types of notifications or messages that you can receive from mobifriends: "alerts" which inform you about the mobifriends activity of people you know or want to meet, and mobifriends "newsletters" containing information about our services and news that we think could be of interest to you.

10. My lists

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What do my lists consist of?
Mobifriends gives you the opportunity to organise the user profiles of the people you interact with in different lists, thus making it easier for you to use the service. Some of them are for your own personal use, for example the "friends" list where you include your closest friends, or the "Black List" containing users you have blocked. Other lists are provided by the system itself, like "My visits" which contains the profiles of those users whose profile you have visited.
How do I get to my lists?
"My lists" is one of the main tabs, which gives you access to this section from any of the mobifriends user pages.
How do I add a user to my lists?
By clicking on "My lists" or "Add to" in the user profile.
How do I delete a user from my lists?
By clicking on the "remove" link in the user profile.
How many lists am I allowed to have?
At the moment the lists available are fixed and predefined. The main ones are "In my lists", "In their lists", "My visits", "Their visits" and "My communications".
How long do users stay in my lists?
Indefinitely, or until you remove them from the lists that allow you to.
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